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Matthew 17:20 proclaims the powerful message that, with faith, all things are possible, and this exciting new inspirational product is a constant reminder that miracles do happen. These Golden Mustard Seed Orbs contain a real mustard seed suspended in a jewel-like Amberite stone. Extremely smooth and pleasantly tactile, these amber orbs were conceived after a terrible home renovation accident almost killed a family member. display.jpg (109058 bytes)The family's subsequent spiritual awakening, combined with the three and a half months spent in the hospital environment, brought an understanding of the needs of people who are suffering and want a reminder that, indeed, faith can make anything happen. Found in book stores, gift shops and hospitals, these personal mementos are doing exceptionally well for their retailers and we offer you the opportunity to spread their message and meet the needs of your customers, whether it is in the retail arena or as a church or school fundraiser.

The small, counter-friendly display box is beautifully designed to attract the attention of your buyers, offering them an opportunity to feel these wonderfully smooth stones and holding a portion of the envelopes that go with each purchase.  Upon ordering, each retailer will receive the display box filled with 200 Golden Mustard Seed Orbs and a box of 200 Gift Envelopes.